A domain is an easy-to-remember and distinctive website address that you can get for your website. It maps a numeric IP address that is used to distinguish web sites and / or devices on the Web yet it is rather easy to remember or share. Each domain incorporates two separate parts - the actual name that you select as well as the extension. To give an example, in domain.com, “domain” is termed Second-Level Domain and it's the part you're able to choose, whereas “.com” is the extension, that is also known as Top-Level Domain (TLD). You're able to obtain a brand new domain through any certified registrar organization or transfer an existing one between registrars in case the extension supports this option. This type of a transfer doesn't change the ownership of your domain name; the sole thing that changes is where you're able to handle that domain. Almost all domain extensions are free for registration by all entities, however a number of country-code extensions have specific requirements for instance local presence or a current business registration.

Domain Registration/Transfer in Cloud Website Hosting

Through our shared web hosting packages, you'll be able to register as many domain names as you need and handle them with ease. We partner with an ICANN-accredited registrar company for numerous domain extensions, which enables us to supply quick and reliable registration solutions. For other extensions we collaborate with some of the biggest companies out there and for that reason, you can register domain names with more than 50 extensions through your cloud website hosting Control Panel. If you get your account through our company and you have domains registered in another place, you're able to transfer them and control them easily in one place together with your hosting space. Renewals, Whois Privacy Protection, and custom-made domain records are only a few of the features that you'll be able to access for any of your domain names with just a few mouse-clicks using our feature-rich Domain Manager instrument.

Domain Registration/Transfer in Semi-dedicated Hosting

With our semi-dedicated server solutions, you'll be able to create as many domain names as you desire and manage them from a single place together with your hosting account via our all-in-one Hepsia Control Panel. You're able to choose from more than fifty country-specific and generic extensions and due to the fact that a few of them have special requirements to be registered, we will assist you from the moment of your order until the moment the domain names are accessible on the Web. In case you already have domains through a different provider and you wish to host them on our end, you might as well transfer them here as it will be more convenient to manage everything using a single account as opposed to going through different systems. Our company is a partner of an ICANN-accredited registrar, therefore we'll offer you very prompt registrations plus a large number of enhanced domain management solutions.

Domain Registration/Transfer in VPS

If you buy a virtual private server package through us, you will also be able to register a new domain for your forthcoming website throughout your account ordering process. In case you'd like to obtain more domains, you're able to obtain them all at once via the VPS Control Panel afterwards. Depending on your target country and the nature of your websites, you are able to pick from 50+ different domain extensions and register your names with those that will fit your needs perfectly. All of your brand new domains will be accessible on the internet very quickly since we are an accredited registrar for the majority of the extensions plus we work with the largest registrars for all others. If you want to host domains that are registered somewhere else, you can move them over and manage them in one place using your VPS account. On our end, you will have full control over them, such as DNS management, which is a solution that a lot of other providers offer at an extra charge.

Domain Registration/Transfer in Dedicated Hosting

We support a large number of generic and country-specific domain name extensions, so you are able to purchase a brand new domain name together with your dedicated server or move a current domain and take care of it in a single place with your web hosting package. In case you need additional domains, you can purchase them in bulk using the server’s billing Control Panel and you are able to select from over 50 different TLDs from around the world. Due to the fact that some extensions have certain pre-registration conditions, we'll assist you through the process until all your domains go live, and in the general case, this will take only a couple of minutes because our company is a partner of an ICANN-accredited registrar company. With our advanced Domain Manager tool you will have complete control over your domain names - create customized records, obtain Whois Privacy Protection, update the WHOIS information, and much more.